A New Home for Flux Research

After a brief journey, Flux Research now has a new home, though not the one pictured.

I’ve blogged at Flux Research sporadically for a few years on a Typepad-powered blog. That still exists at a Typepad domain and you can access the following content:

Flux Research: Change Happens

Clyde @ Hypebot (now onsite)

Clyde @ Crowdfunding For Musicians (now onsite)

Blog post listings will be maintained for the Hypebot and Crowdfunding For Musicians pages but currently need to be updated.

I’m now focusing more on long-form writing and my previous efforts at Flux Research weren’t really about that. So I’ll be moving forward with this new site, which also feeds my recently developed WordPress.org bug, and a focus on selected themes related to future writing projects.

Part of that shift is discussed at All World Dance but it’s a move that’s been on the way for quite some time.

If you have any questions, please be in touch or connect via the social media options in the sidebar.

[Thumbnail image courtesy Paul Downey.]