Flux Research Switches To FeedPress For RSS And Email

I’ve been working over the years with a number of different RSS feed and email subscription options including FeedBurner, FeedBlitz and MailChimp. Lately I’ve been moving all my sites to FeedPress to take care of both those duties.

Normally I wouldn’t post about what is relatively minor news to site users but I’m switching my email list from MailChimp and I need to see if everything’s functioning correctly.

Personally I find MailChimp’s UI rather confusing even after using it a bit and it actually looks like I didn’t set it up correctly and folks may not have been getting my emails. Weak on my part!

In any case, I like FeedPress quite a bit and you can find the Flux Research RSS feed here and email newsletter signup here.

I will keep the old FeedBurner feed going so you don’t have to switch from that but you’ll find a few details will be improved in the new version.

My only FeedPress complaint is that the link at the top of the feed page that says Flux Research: Business Changes links to the feed page itself. It’s a redundant link that I wish linked back to the blog.

I’m going to encourage the folks at FeedPress to change that. Update: Which they did! All systems go.

I’m quite happy with their service which I’ve been using at DanceLand and recently started using at Crowdfunding For Musicians.

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