Announcing Playlist Biz: The Business Of Playlists

[Update: The Death of a Playlist Blog]

Original Post:

Some of you may have noticed that I recently started posting news links about the business of playlists at Playlist Biz. I just wanted to make a more official announcement here at Flux Research and explain what I’m up to.

Playlist Biz is a lightweight blog designed to allow me to post news items about playlists without creating full-on blog posts. It gives me a way to keep up with what’s happening with playlists from a business perspective and to share that news with those who find it of interest.

I don’t have any plans to post about particular playlists. Rather news items will focus on topics like companies providing playlist analytics, new playlist features at streaming companies, how labels are approaching playlists as marketing, research related to playlists and items that give some insight into the psychology of playlists from choosing songs to how playlists function in society.

I’m also retweeting on Twitter in addition to posting links to pieces shared at Playlist Biz. The retweets I’m focusing on add a bit more to the psychology and society component. Obviously they’re quick takes, often tongue in cheek but they also give a sense of how people are thinking about playlists in their everyday lives.

I can see some ways the site might expand a bit. For example I might eventually add a link list of playlist-related companies similar to my list of music crowdfunding sites at Crowdfunding For Musicians. I could also add playlist charts if I had some automated options.

But for now I’m keeping it as simple as possible to provide a useful resource at a time when playlists are being forefronted in music consumption and marketing.

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