The Flux Research WordPress Blogging Stack

(Source) I always enjoy seeing the details of which themes, plugins and services bloggers and WordPress site creators are using. I often discover new products and useful services I might not otherwise encounter. So here is my current WordPress blogging stack for Flux Research plus some bonus plugins and services I use over at DanceLand. … Read more

Flux Research @Medium: Learning To Be A Startup CEO

I’ve been rather quiet of late. After having to put DanceLand on hiatus due to an overwhelming job situation, I’ve managed to start scraping together some time to move forward with my writing. But the first result has less writing than quoting! It’s an interview with Shehzad Daredia, CEO of It’s also the first … Read more

Better Business Through Blogging: Blog

[Originally published on ProHipHop: Business News in 2007] I’ve become a big fan of blog and quickly added it to World Cypher even though I never really check out the clothes they have for sale except when I need to see an example of something in the news.  That statement might strike old school … Read more

A Brief History Of: Brainstorming Revenue Models for Twitter

[Originally published on Flux Research in 2012] [slideshare id=1178115&doc=bca-090321120617-phpapp02] 77 Revenue Models For Twitter (Circa 2009) via Open Innovators Discussing Twitter’s revenue model and/or business model with a focus on monetization has been one of the more popular passtimes of web business writers. Twitter’s confusion over monetization is an example of what happens when you … Read more

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