Non-technical Founder? Tips On Building Your Team And Finding Your Technical Co-founder

My Learning To Be A Startup CEO series continues at Medium with tips from Mixcloud co-founder Nico Perez on building your team and finding your technical co-founder. Perez shared these tips for non-technical founders after discussing where he and his co-founders turn for answers when they have questions about building their startup. This is the … Read more

Learning To Be A Startup CEO Series Continues With Nico Perez of Mixcloud

I just posted the second of two interviews related to the topic of Learning To Be A Startup CEO. The first was with Shezhad Daredia: CEO Shehzad Daredia’s “Incremental Path To Entrepreneurship” The second, posted today, is with Nico Perez of Mixcloud: Nico Perez On Where Mixcloud’s Founders Turn When They Have Startup Questions … Read more

More Flux Research at Medium: Advice From Startup CEOs

I recently began an interview series with startup CEOs about how they learned to do what they do starting with Shehzad Daredia, CEO and co-founder of During the interview we discussed his status as a Thiel Fellowship mentor, teaching others what he knows, and I asked about his advice for young entrepreneurs considering ditching … Read more

Flux Research @Medium: Learning To Be A Startup CEO

I’ve been rather quiet of late. After having to put DanceLand on hiatus due to an overwhelming job situation, I’ve managed to start scraping together some time to move forward with my writing. But the first result has less writing than quoting! It’s an interview with Shehzad Daredia, CEO of It’s also the first … Read more