Saying No As A Positive Act

NO! NO! by guercio We Disconnect: To Reconnect #5 With some regret I bring you the final issue of We Disconnect. I explain what’s up with that in my essay below and follow with links on saying no as a positive step forward. Saying No As A Positive Act While disconnecting from networked communications is … Read more

But What About The Children?

Forward Child Cry by geralt We Disconnect: To Reconnect #4 Since the last issue of We Disconnect, We All Need Pellets, I’ve distanced myself further from Facebook which feels like a very good thing. The fact that I’m even talking about distancing myself from a social network indicates something of the emotional pull that once … Read more

We All Need Pellets!

Rat Eating by jarleeknes We Disconnect: To Reconnect #3 This edition of We Disconnect: To Reconnect is going out a bit later than I initially planned. I think 7 am-ish may fit my life a bit better for Sunday morning distribution since I can’t schedule a send time on Tiny Letter. Plus today I had … Read more

The Power of Retreat

Girl Meditating by Dimitris Vetsikas We Disconnect: To Reconnect #2 This one’s a bit longer than anticipated but I’m still learning what this is! Besides, as one of my teacher’s teacher used to say regarding cutting words, “it’s so hard to kill the little darlings.” I hope you find these words worth reading. The Power … Read more

Disconnecting From Television

TV by Unsplash My practice of disconnecting began with television in that misty time before the internet. I watched quite a bit of tv as a child, before cable services were available, and have a handful of key memories from that time including a number of performances that helped draw me deeper into the performing … Read more