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I launched CryptoArtNet in May, 2020. I wrote all the following articles, posts and press releases about or for the site.

After a period of reduced activity, I relaunched CryptoArt News to focus on the activities of members with near weekly releases of new posts.

About CryptoArtNet: Articles and Press Releases

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CryptoArtNet Offers Entry To Emerging Crypto Art Market for Digital Artists, Collectors and Traders

Our Story So Far: CryptoArtNet, A Directory of CryptoArtists

CryptoArtNet Artists Directory Launches CryptoArtCoin Social Currency $CRAC In Partnership With Roll

Buy Me A Coffee
CryptoArtNet Launches Directory of Artists Making CryptoArt
CryptoArtNet: A Directory of Artist Making CryptoArt

CryptoArt News: Blog Posts

March 2021

CryptoArtNet Launches Fundraising Campaign In Gitcoin Grants: NFT Category

January 2021

CryptoArtNet to Present at the Blockchain Game Alliance Demo Day

Asia-Based Crypto Artists Invited to Participate in Crypto Art Week Asia

December 2020

NFT Art Releases Relaunches to Promote CryptoArt Available for Sale

Please Support CryptoArt Community-Centered Artist BruceTheGoose

Media Appearances by CryptoArtNet Members

October 2020

CryptoArtNet Awarded William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant

CryptoArtNet Updates: New NFT Art Releases, CryptoArtists on Twitter

NFT Art Platforms Planned for Stacks 2.0 Blockchain

September 2020

CryptoArtists from Argentina on CryptoArtNet

CryptoArt Assets: Uniswap Token List, Blockchain In Art, Crypto Art Collecting

CryptoArt News: New Projects and Platforms

August 2020

CryptoArt Assets: Up and to the Right

5 Routes to Mainstreaming CryptoArt

CryptoArtNet Launches CryptoArt Web Directory

CryptoArt Wash Trading: Let the Buyer Beware

CryptoArtists of Color at CryptoArtNet

CryptoArt: A New Asset Class Emerges

July 2020

Is the CryptoArt Market Undervalued? Aren’t NFTs Mostly CryptoArt?

CryptoArtNet Announces Second Wave of CryptoArtists Plus Increased $CRAC Distro

CryptoArt News: Women of CryptoArtNet

June 2020

CryptoArtNet Members at the Center of CryptoArt Innovation

CryptoArt News: CryptoArtNet Members Making Moves

May 2020

May CryptoArt News: It’s Raining Tokens!

CryptoArtNet Artists Directory Rolls Out CryptoArtCoin – $CRAC

CryptoArtNet Launches Directory of Artists Making CryptoArt