Flux Research @Medium: Learning To Be A Startup CEO

I’ve been rather quiet of late. After having to put DanceLand on hiatus due to an overwhelming job situation, I’ve managed to start scraping together some time to move forward with my writing. But the first result has less writing than quoting! It’s an interview with Shehzad Daredia, CEO of Bop.fm. It’s also the first … Read more

On Launching DanceLand and My Background In Dance

Back in the spring I posted about my intention to launch a new dance site based on what I’d learned at All World Dance, one that would begin as a blog but was not ultimately a media play alone. I pulled that post because I realized I just couldn’t sustain such an endeavor after launch … Read more

2014 Update: The Future for Clyde, Flux Research and All World Dance

Time to look at the digital tea leaves and share what I see.

Flux Research has had a variety of identities but I’m now settled on building a writing portfolio as the basis for future blogging supporting bigger writing projects (books, baby, books!). That’s a very long-term plan that may not come to fruition for many years nevertheless I’m building the base now.

But since relaunching I’ve been focusing on learning more about WordPress (for this site and others) and getting All World Dance back in action.

Read more2014 Update: The Future for Clyde, Flux Research and All World Dance

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