Transforming The Game: The Backstory

Transforming The Game: Business Transformation is a new project of mine that has a long history inside my busy head. Here’s my description from the site: Transforming The Game is a periodic column by Clyde F. Smith about business transformation. Every week or two I will share an interesting tale of a business that transformed … Read more

The Flux Research WordPress Blogging Stack

I always enjoy seeing the details of what themes, plugins and services bloggers and WordPress site creators are using. I often discover new products that way and often see an endorsement for a useful service I might not otherwise encounter. So here is my current WordPress blogging stack for Flux Research plus some bonus plugins … Read more

2014 Update: The Future for Clyde, Flux Research and All World Dance

Time to look at the digital tea leaves and share what I see.

Flux Research has had a variety of identities but I’m now settled on building a writing portfolio as the basis for future blogging supporting bigger writing projects (books, baby, books!). That’s a very long-term plan that may not come to fruition for many years nevertheless I’m building the base now.

But since relaunching I’ve been focusing on learning more about WordPress (for this site and others) and getting All World Dance back in action.

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A New Home for Flux Research

After a brief journey, Flux Research now has a new home, though not the one pictured.

I’ve blogged at Flux Research sporadically for a few years on a Typepad-powered blog. That still exists at a Typepad domain and you can access the following content:

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Autobiography of a Dance Blogger

[Originally posted at All World Dance circa 2011.)

Since I’m returning my focus to All World Dance, I think I should share my personal and professional history as a dancer with you, dear readers!

I started dancing in high school in the mid-70’s in Raleigh, North Carolina. I sang in vocal ensembles and choirs from preschool on but my first dance performance was around 1976 in The Music Man at Raleigh Little Theatre. I really enjoyed it and started to take a few tap classes and ponder a possible future in musical theater.

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